The Purple Moon

TPM_Final - CopyTitle: The Purple Moon

Author: Neelam Saxena Chandra

ISBN: 978-93-83306-17-6

Genre: Poetry

Year Of Publication: 2014

No Of Pages: 180

MRP: INR 200

About the Book: The Purple Moon is a collection of a hundred poems which emote the different sentiments and phases of love. What really is love? It is a feeling most difficult to define, it is a sentiment, to be felt, smelled, drunk and tasted for it is the most subtle emotion. When one is in love for the first time, many raw feelings enwrap him or her. One may just be crazy, have a simple desire to meet the sweetheart or may just feel something very divine. On the other hand, there are chances of one getting annoyed, developing jealousy and hatred and may end up doing random acts. However, as love matures, the feelings also mature and it is then that the lovers realise that love is something more than just these raw feelings. Love brings out the deepest of emotions and is the purest of all feelings. True love makes one fly, giving the person in love a pair of wings, making one expand ones horizons. The Purple Moon is a treat to all those who have ever experienced love.

About the Author: Neelam Saxena Chandra is an engineer by profession (working in Indian Railways as Director (IT)). Writing poetry and fiction is her passion. More than four hundred of her stories/poems have been published in various leading Indian magazines such as Woman’s Era, Alive, Sarita, Grihshobha, Grihlaxmi, Naya Gyanodaya, Kathakram, Vanita, Nandan, Champak, Chandamama, Reader’s Forum, Suman Saurabh etc as well as international journals such as Torrid Literary journal, The Camel Saloon, Inspiration magazine, Ruminations journal, Tongue Journal, The Criterion, E-fiction, Enchanting Verses, Frog croon, Saraba, Ewoman etc. Four of her children’s story books have also been published by Room to Read, Naman, Sadhna and Sahni Publications. One novel has been published by LiFi Publications and one by PAGETURN PUBLISHERS. Two Poetry books have been published – HUES OF LOVE by Writers Empire and SILHOUETTES OF REFLECTIONS by YS Books International . Ten more books are under publication including one novel by LIFI Publications, One novel by Authorspress, One short story collection in English by LiFi, Four Picture books by Rajkamal Publications, one poetry collection by AUTHORSPRESS and one short story collection in Hindi and one in English by by Omji Publishers .. Her poems/stories have been published in various international anthologies such as ON THE BRINK (By Spectacle Publishing), HEALING WAVES (By Skywarrior Publications), PHO FOR LIFE, SAARC ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY 2011, VAANI, Chicken soup , Anthology by British Council on Rabindranath Tagore, In your own words and In Priase-In memory-In Ink (Brian Wixon anthologies) etc . She has won second prize in a competition organized by Pratham Books (Chuskit competition). One of her story has won an award in a contest organized by Children Book Trust, India in 2009. She has also been awarded second prize by Gulzarji in a Poetry Contest organized by American Society on the topic ‘Poetry for Social Change’. Her book TALES FROM SUNDERVAN has been listed in the long list in children’s category in the ECONOMIST CROSSWORD BOOK AWARD. The book SUNDERVAN KI KAHANIYAN has been awarded Premchand Puraskar by Ministry of Railways (II prize).
Neelam also debuted as a lyricist in Shankar Tucker’s composition MERE SAJAN SUN SUN at the link and the song has won the POPULAR CHOICE AWARD in Folk Fusion category. in RADIO CITY FREEDOM AWARD

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