Cover Designing

Cover Designing

Cover Designing in Thane MumbaiNever judge a book by its cover. But unfortunately a book is always judged by its cover. First Step Publishing helps you design a cover which will make a statement.

Price: Rs 25,000 incl GST

The pre-design checklist for Writers.

A writer must ask himself the following questions before getting started.

What kind of book cover do you need?

It’s always important to double-check what is it that your are looking for a printed book cover and not an audiobook or eBook cover.

What is your book’s genre?
Like it or not, readers will judge a Book by its cover. Self-help and sci-fi have vastly different cover styles, so we make sure your book cover design meets the expectations of potential readers.

What’s your key message?
Ask yourself to define one key message and use it to inform your design.

What do you want included on your cover?
We ask the author if there are subjects, images, awards, reviews or biographies they would like to include on the Book cover.

What color mode do you need your book cover in?
While traditional book publishing requires CMYK, we are now shifting to RGB (we know, we were surprised too!). Clarify the color mode they need before getting started. This will have an impact on the colour output of the book print.

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