Covid Knights

Covid Knights

Title: Covid Knights

Author: Ruster Keaton

ISBN: 978-93-83306-59-6

Price: INR 750

About the Book:

This is a documentary based on the personal witness accounts of Ruster Keaton. Keaton encountered some of humanities’ most dangerous criminals and relates the events that follow. He observed these events, recording the tiniest detail of what he saw at the time. This book does not foretell a future. It simply records events at a point of time in the future, one particular year in the future. Commander Rulik is a simple man, now retired and wanting to get rich, rather quickly. In his innocence, Rulik takes on board a team of bloodthirsty professional killers including The Cossack Baker. Rulik chose a risky approach, but one that he considered having a greater chance of success than The Bookseller during Covid 19 days. It is a tale of both courage and despair. It is a tale of the future and of the past. A tale of both, morals and immoral people. It is a Russian story, a story of great courage amidst great courage, misery and violence. Covid Knights gives a unique insight into the criminal minds of the 22nd century in the Royal Russian Federation. Astonishing twists leap out of the pages at the reader with the ferocity of a predator story.

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