Postcards From Memory

Postcards From MemoryTitle: Postcards From Memory

Author: Samir Satam

ISBN: 978-93-83306-15-2

Genre: Poetry

Year Of Publication: 2014

No Of Pages: 132

MRP: INR 180
About the Book: Every moment that passes is not coming back.Yes, there might be moments in future, like the one you just experienced. But it’s not going to be the same again. The one that was, was one like itself. It cannot be replaced. Its gone. Long gone. Dissolved in this crazy tasting, highly intoxicating drink of life. In an attempt to capture these bits and pieces that keep dissolving to give their distinct flavors to this colorful cocktail, I end up scribbling on my pad. This book is a bouquet of such moments that started with my mindless scribbling and ended up in verses. Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Sublime. Each piece has a taste of its own.

About the Author: Samir Satam lives in Bombay where he works as a Software Engineer in one of the leading multi-national IT companies. He is an avid reader, a serious cinema lover and an individualist by nature. Postcards from Memory is his first book of poetry

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