Spiritual Medicine for Modern Lifestyle Diseases

Spiritual Medicine for Modern Lifestyle Diseases

Title: Spiritual Medicine for Modern Lifestyle Diseases

Author: Dr Dilip V Kaundinya

ISBN: 978-93-83306-50-3

Price: INR 275

About the Book: Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine, said some 400 years ago that “Of the greatest error today is that the physicians do not take soul into account for therapy.” William Osler has told- “The greatest duty of a physician is to teach his patients not to take medicine.” Current research in various Institutes of Mind Body Medicine in USA has proved that human being is a BMSO-Body Mind Soul Organism. Supreme Creator has created a super-duper model of car with most advanced GPS and a plethora of magical protective machinery which could be activated by thoughts and Mind. Fatal effects of Negative Mind have proved that each one of us is a mythologicalBhasmasur capable of bringing the Burn Out or self- destruction by the fire of own creation. Whole PersonMedicine of one thousand years old Charak Sanhita talks about the therapy that involves both the physical body, or sthool sharir and Soul, Atman or suksma sharir. Modern medicine as yet has not been able to demonstrate the existence of God, Soul, Energy Chakras, acupuncture points and body aura. But this does not mean that these metaphysical entities do not exist. Therefore Sir Albert Einstein has said- “Science is but an infant.” Transpersonal Psychologist Ken Wilber talks about Atman to Atman transpersonal human transactions for healthy relationship. Consciousness is an enigma to modern scientists. Charak uses Consciousness to divide human beings into 15 Prakruti or Personalities.