BK – Rajayog, Robin Sharma Magic Mantra for Success and Health

BK - Rajayog, Robin Sharma Magic Mantra for Success and Health

Title: BK – Rajayog, Robin Sharma Magic Mantra for Success and Health

Author: Dr Dilip V Kaundinya

ISBN: 978-93-83306-49-7

Price: INR 175

About the book: Robin Sharma’s book entitled “ Leaders without title[LWT]” tells that each one of us has an inner giant waiting to be awakened. This awakening shall bring out the best that is hidden deep inside us. The wonderful tips given by Robin Sharma may fail to bring the awakening unless supported by exceptional self-determination, self -discipline and self-dedication. This self remains unknown as it is never discussed. BK-Rajayoga practice gives an insight into this amazing Self called as Atman. Mind is a manifestation of consciousness inherent in this Atman. Mind is a virtual screen on which thoughts form as transient images. Repeated thoughts of same kind for 21 days sows them deep in our psyche as seeds. Under appropriate circumstances the seeds sprout and give us a shield that protect us from adverse event or a person. There is the magical transformation in aberrant Vrutti [ Nature] due to positive inscription. In BK-Rajayoga the process of Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP]of psyche depends of appropriate auto-suggestions and visualization which are two very powerful techniques for mind empowerment in Psychotherapy. BK Rajayoga could be called as SACBT Spiritually Augmented Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for health, success and performance enhancement. It calms down the doubting Tom called Scientist Mind and this inner silence then makes the powerful Spiritualist Mind to take over the reigns of operation. The decision making then becomes instantaneous and most accurate. Health improves and impossible cures happen because of rejuvenating Neuro-hormones secreted during mindfulness. BK-Rajayoga is the God sent and God prescribed panacea for all the ills affecting the modern man. Proof of pudding lies in tasting it.