Sadia Khan

sadia-khan1-711x1024Strong believer in the religion of Romanticism, Sadia Khan, calls herself a true Bohemian by her pretty little heart. Dreamer as she evidently is, she fondly shaped her dreams into words and rhymes. A poet, a short story writer, Who loves to pen down the thoughts and the problems one usually gets while into a relationship. Also working as a relationship counselor at an online counseling organization—Wizpert, talking with the clients from all overthe world to help them resolve their personal issues and create even more love and indulgence in their depressed lives. An avid blogger, too, who has already published more than hundred Poems and a few number of relationship oriented articles and short stories on her blog, Crescendoing Silence (
Presently she is working on her two books- one of her own, and another with a co-writer.

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