Lt Col Ankita Srivastava

A courageous, bold, hardworking and dedicated lady who by her strong sense of discipline has always challenged her potential and have set varied targets for herself.
She served the nation as an able Army Officer displaying her strength and stamina and hung the uniform after eventful innings of full fourteen years to don the civvies while again serving the nation through the banker to every Indian- the State bank of India.
She gives wings to her mental passions by constantly penning down her over-exuberant heart; be it in the form of a novel, short story , ghazals or poetry. She has a grip on expression of depth and knows how to play the game of ‘words’. Poems have been her first love.
Two decades back she had composed 40 poems out of which one had made a proud place in American Poetry Anthology. Some were published in ‘Sarita’, ‘kadambini’, ‘Manorama’, ‘Grihashobha’ ,’Jetset’ and many english local newspapers of Allahabad. Almost all her poems were broadcasted on AIR in the youth programme ‘Uvvanai’.
She believes every beating heart is a poet- a dormant poet; only initiatives like Minds at Work 2 can turn them into active volcanic poets.