Meet The Strings

Meet The StringsTitle: Meet The Strings

Author: Chetan Jaiman

ISBN: 9789383306022

Genre: Short Story

Year Of Publication: 2014

No Of Pages: 114

MRP: INR 110

About the Book: Meet the Strings, is a collection of nineshort fictions. Nine interesting and riveting these nine stories are anamalgamation of real incidents and fictions. Each story represents a differentemotion, which is represented by the different colours in the cover.

About the Author: Acadamically, B.Tech in Bio-MedicalEngineering and Masters in Advertising while specialized in PublicRelations. Chetan Jaiman is basicallyfrom Alwar Rajasthan and is currently working in a PR Agency in Delhi. Besideswriting, Chetan is a keen learner of Indian Astrology and also a well-knownAstrologer. Chetan Started writing since 2008 and has written many articles onsocial topics. Meet The Strings is his First Book to belaunched by First Step Publishing which is a compilation of Nine Stories eachwith a different colour.

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