Ila Garg

ila-garg1-813x1024“Ila Garg is a girl next door, born in Jaipur, currently residing in Delhi. She has completed her graduation in English Literature and pursuing Masters in English & Communication Studies at present. She loves writing. She has a flair for words. It is a passion; a compulsion; something that gives her an avenue to express herself. She writes when she is happy; when she is angry or when an issue touches her heart. She resorts to writing when she is restless or when she is on the verge of breaking down.
Creativity and writing has always been attracting her. Apart from being an avid reader, writer, reviewer, and editor, she is an active blogger too. She blogs at, where you can find some of her articles, poetry, random thoughts, interviews, movie and book reviews.
Her debut novel, titled, ‘Life and Promises’ is to be released on 1st Jan’14 and her next novel, titled, ‘Cheer up! The worst is yet to come’ is slated to be released soon after. One of her short stories is a part of an anthology, ‘A Night in Paradise’.
She can be contacted at:
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