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Chetan Jaiman is an Indian author, debuted with his first fiction book in 2014. White Collar Yogi’s is the non-fiction work,encapsulating the importance of meditation and dynamics of spirituality of the contemporary times. The young author has articulated the already known cosmic truths and principles with a distinctive narrative aiming to touch the readers and make them realize the amazing benefits of meditation. Author has also taken leap over the current food culture across the globe and has beautifully established the link between the spiritual growth of a person and the food intake. Over all, WHITE COLLAR YOGIs  presents a modern and pragmatic perceptive over the holistic growth of an individual hemming the role of traditional spiritual practices with a special focus on Meditation.
Professionally, Chetan Jaiman is a consultant for Media, Branding and Astrology. He has worked with major corporate brands in the past, providing them strategic inputs for regulating media communications.His current professional role makes him an essential part of the branding team of Dainik Bhaskar Group at Rajasthan.
As an individual, Chetan holds a keen interest in occult sciences and believes himself to be a daily learner. He derives maximum satisfaction in pampering the artist within him. Chetan’s passion for self-expansion and urge to be himself, pushes him every moment to be his best version. Apart from writing, author is also a professional astrologer and has given astrological consultancy to people beyond count till date.
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