Dr Aruna S

Aruna S“During babyhood, following the trajectory of tiny flying angels like mosquitoes, fruit flies in awe was her prime job. As a young child, the avian beauties simply stole her heart. Studying them keenly about their courtship behaviours and nesting was her favourite pass time. From small mosses, weeds to sky touching trees, all became her best friends. A new flower blooming in the backyard garden would be one of her triumphant moments then!
Aruna S holds a Masters degree in Biochemistry and got her real close to the microcosm and soon began to see divinity in these tiny intelligent molecules which literally keep us up and alive. A fellowship to pursue a research project at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and a silver medal for getting a distinction score in the Sanskrit exams conducted by the Sringeri Mutt are a few awards to mention. After which she embarked upon a journey into becoming an Ayurveda vaidya (doctor) following a strong pull from within. Currently she is working as a consulting Ayurveda physician at Bengaluru city, enriching many beings with this ancient science of healthy living. [www.atharvani.com]”

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