Unix Administration Quick Guide

FSPUAQG1Title: Unix Administration Quick Guide

Author: Saket Jain

ISBN: 9789383306251

Genre: Technical / Unix

Year Of Publication: 2015

No Of Pages: 388

MRP: INR 550

About the Book:This book not only delivers the theoretical concept of UNIX, but also describes how we can work on it in a live environment. It’s just like a “Two in One” package where not only you clear your theoretical concept, but also you get a clear practical view and makes you capable of managing your own UNIX server(s) or home PC. It provides various theoretical and practical concepts in the form of quick tips which attracts a user while reading and develops a crystal clear understanding of various UNIX core concepts which are usually missed when you read a normal UNIX book, which will also prepare you for a UNIX or Linux interview or exam. Since this book is written by an administrator who works on managing live UNIX servers, so it also emphases how to troubleshoot various issues and bring the system and services up in case of any failure.