Sugandha Bhandhari

sugandhaSugandha Bhandhari, Don’t classify me as a poet, or a writer,or an artist. First, I am just a lover of life and its largesse. Nonetheless I have been wielding the holy quill since age 11, starting with my poetry being published in leading Indian dailies like Pioneer, HT, and TOI at the weepy age of 11, since then I’ve not looked back. I am a professional blogger and intend to jump into publication as people have shown love for my writing and blog and a lot of encouragement formy “Bard” ish instincts. My hope, love, and life lies in poetry, and publication is just a way to make sure people can reach out and touch my experiences. OK, now the practical stuff, yes I am a human being (not an alien as the above stuff may imply), pushing to 30,live in New Delhi and working in the IT industry since the last 6 years, a marketing professional, a qualified MBA from one of the top Indian B’schools and an Economics Graduate from Delhi University. I also love to sing, dance, do public speaking, debating, creative writing and creative arts, love reading and travelling, eating is also a huge hobby and I love discovering new eateries very weekend.

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