Shamita Harsh

7040Shamita is a 19 year old author at heart and freelance writer by profession, a college student of Mass Communication. She lives with her parents in Dehradun, the tinsel town she grew up in, right alongside her babies, her best friends who were born and brought up in the amazing town: the Creepy Cuties. A born writer at heart, she owes it to her dad for the lineage of writing, for the inkling toward the creative!

In her spare time she likes to pen her thoughts and poems in her journal, a prized possession she keeps ever since she was 11. A right-brained thinker, Shamita loves to write fiction triggered from observing things around her. A devoted reader, she hordes books for pleasure in her tiny shoe-rack-turned-into-a-library.

“For her friendship is the happy connection that oils the rusty wheel of life.”

“One advice for anyone and everyone, if you believe (enough) YOU can make your dreams happen, just like I did!”~ Shamita

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