Satyananda Sarangi

IMG_6078Satyananda Sarangi, a graduate in Electrical Engineering, is an emerging poet and fiction writer. A resident of the state of Odisha, India, he has more than seventy poems and a few short stories to his name. Apart from writing, he takes a keen interest in quizzing and the sport of cricket.

Recently, one of his short stories titled “The English Teacher” has been picked to feature in an upcoming book by Dream House Publications, India. In September 2015, his poem “More than Divine” was selected in the Delhi Poetry Challenge and published in “Kaafiyana” while another poem “A Handful Bliss” has been selected for another anthology. Earlier this year, four of his poems were also published in “Addiqtd Book of Poetry” (a joint venture of and LJLF).

Some details regarding Minds@Work 4

  • Minds@Work is an annual book published by First Step Publishing. This is its Fourth Edition.
  • Minds@Work 4 will be available in paperback format and will be physically distributed in 19 countries.
  • Writers from 3 countries have been shortlisted.

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