Sagher Manchanda

11165915_693347260792228_2035681060_nSagher Manchanda is a promising fiction writer and has an impressive hand at writing poetry. Born in New Delhi, India, Sagher completed his schooling from St. Joseph’s High School, Solapur, Maharashtra. At present, he has applied for Arts in a renowned college in Pune, where he is residing these days. During his school days, Sagher showed special interest and enthusiasm in writing imaginary or fictional essays and stories. It was after high school, when the writer-bug in him flapped his wings and led his passion of writing to a higher level. Topics viz. Life, Ethics, Suspense, Mystery and Humour are his fields of interest and being an active blogger he has written much on each of the subjects. Sagher has won the 2014 Saarang Poetry Award by IIT Madras. He is an internationally published writer, and his work has appeared in various anthologies. The specialities that his readers notice in him are varying concepts in every new story or poem and also he weaves the thread of life and lessons through each of his write-ups. This ultimately tickles the readers with uttermost excitement while reading his work. Sagher Manchanda works under the pen-name, ‘Sagher’ and prefers to be addressed by the same in the literary field.

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