Ravina Kaniyawala

She can be introduced as a passionate about writing.
Her pen name is Riya Kaniyawala.
She is pursuing Master degree in M.Sc. (IT) and doing an internship in Ratnakala Software.
She believes in a strong and pure love. She finds love the very pure thing on the earth.
She loves to travel the world and travelling gives her passion for writing and thinking. Nature and surrounding gives her peace. She believes that love happens for sure just you need to wait for the perfect partner. Love is her strength which supports her in her good and bad and always motivates her.
She loves drawing and painting. Colours give her new vision to look forward toward life. She saw the world with positivity and finds everything happy and positive around her. She builds herself to face every challenge that comes in her life with positivity. Nature is the best surrounding which gives her positivity and peace.
You can mail her on rkaniyawala123@gmail.com

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