Pragya Chaturvedi

pragyaPragya Chaturvedi, 18 years old, is a poet,writer, book-lover,philosopher, dreamer and believer. Interested in almost everything,she lives with the vast ambition to see every creation and taste every delicacy there is in this world. Every piece of blank paper is an irresistible temptation that drives her to spill the emotions and imaginations of her young heart over it. She is crazy enough to believe that she can change the world. Her work has been published in the international anthologies, ‘The Survivor’s Guide to Bedlam’ and 4 Volumes of ‘Reflections on a Blue Planet’. She has written numerous articles in national newspapers such as Hindustan Times, Free Press etc. She was honoured as ‘Young Writer of the Town of Dewas’ on 10thJuly, 2011

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