Paulami Duttagupta

paulamiPaulami Duttagupta, writing has been a deep rooted passion fora while. What started as a journey of writing articles in college and Durga Puja souvenirs, led to feature writing with The Shillong Times and The Guwahati- Shillong Plus edition of The Times of India. Born and brought up in Shillong, and schooled in Loreto Convent and an English Honours from St Edmunds college; I later came down to Kolkata to pursue Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University.Indian television has been particularly dear to me. Being part ofthe industry has not only helped me in professional growth but has spearheadedmy writing. My first self published book was actually a product of my soap watching routine. My first novella is all set to be published this winter.Presently into film scripts and research for a living, I read a lot of Indian contemporary writers. Amongst the legends Jane Austin and Thomas Hardy are favourites. Sufi music is something close to my heart and so is Bollywood. I am an avid follower of the game of cricket and an ardent fan of Rahul Dravid. This story is actually of my own. I had really wanted to pursue engineering in my 8-9th standard. But my adoration for Dravid increased and getting into media became an absolute need. Lost I took up Literature and started my stint with Radio as a student. Later Newspapers and television happened but never reall got a chance to work with him. Did get a chance to watch him in Eden Gardens though. Julie is my imagination, her character is actually a realization of my dreams. And am sure like her I would also get to work with my hero some day.

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