Nikita Goel

1424579_10201016906885181_1967937603_nI am a Writer ,Blogger , Reader ,Teacher and a Counsellor. I am a hardcore believer of Karma and Law of Attraction. I preach to the World that all the Universe , including stars, sky, planets and moons work for you through your mind.”What you think you become ” is my way of living Life. I am hopelessly Optimistic. I am someone who would be there welcoming the new world when everyone around would be mourning the end .There is an eternal quest about knowing myself. There is a lot I learn about myself from people I meet , books I read and places I visit. I am self- obsessed and God says I am his favourite child. Three words that describe me best would be – Believer , Doer and Keeper.
My Blog “The Enchantress ” is about celebration of Life. It’s about being yourself and accepting every inch of who you are .It talks about happiness being inside you and God being not at churches. It’s about a girl who is reluctant to grow up and how she deals with adults around trying to change her. She is a Misfit, she belongs to nobody. She stares at the sky like it’s her home. She years to be somewhere ,She belongs to the ANGELS. It’s my LIFE through my eyes and I hope to read it to my grandchildren someday.
I have been Blogging since pretty long , may be 4-5 years .It’s not about liking / loving for me. Writing is to me what Breathing is to You. I write because If I don’t I would die. I often feel an urge to write when I am sitting with friends or dreaming at midnight or having lunch at a fine restaurant. It comes anytime and every time to me. It’s a way of worshipping God.

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