Manoj Kr Tigga

A civil engineer by profession and a shy guy by nature. Manoj was introduced to writing a few years back during his early twenties when he started writing poems. Few of his poems were published in local newspaper.
Manoj currently is trying to learn the art of story writing and explore more in the world of stories. He wants to express his feeling and thoughts through short stories and desires to write some novels in the coming years.
His story “The Last Chapter” is published in an anthology titled “The master Stroke” by Write India publisher. Also another story “Divine Dhaak Beat” has been in among the top 50 entry in the Bengal write ahead contest organised by Kolkata bloggers which will soon come in the form of a book.
Manoj is a music lover as well and whenever he gets some free time he is busy with his guitar and Hindi songs.
He also writes lyrics for his songs and tunes composed with his guitar.