Mandeep Kaur Heer

Mandeep - Copy‘Mandeep Kaur Heer’ is a postgraduate in Commerce and Human Resource Management. She lives in Delhi and teaches underprivileged children. Her interest areas are Interior Decoration, Creative Economy, Guidance and Counselling, Innovation in teaching strategies, Appliqué to Spirituality and Mindfulness. She is keen to develop curriculum modules infusing art, theatre, music and poetry in Education and done such experiments too. She writes in Hindi, English and Punjabi.
The subject areas of her writing are : life, relationships, love, romance, pedagogy, spirituality and mindfulness to humour.
She is an admirer of art and keen observer of life who finds herself penning down her thoughts. She enjoys good music, learning new things and real conversations. Nature and life inspire her. She loves rain and she loves autumn. Infact she loves every season of life.

She says “Writing to me is like rain showers on a sultry summer and sunshine in a chilly winter. It gives me a sense of free bird flying in the sky or a butterfly enjoying the beauty of a garden. Writing is my liberation, salvation and celebration.”

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