Dr Prachi Priyanka

Dr. Prachi Priyanka holds a doctorate degree in English literature and teaches Professional Communication at ABES College of Engineering. She is a contributing author in six short story anthologies. She enjoys weaving articles on various topics – ranging from art criticism to book reviews and relationships to recipes. Her articles, stories and poems have been published on several online magazines and journals. Dr. Prachi writes with equal ease in English as well as Hindi and her works are published in both the languages. Conflicts and contradictions that emerge in human relationships fascinate her to the core; and her writings are often spilled with varying shades of experiences that intrigue her. She is a fun-loving person blessed with beautiful family and a bunch of good friends. She likes to learn languages, read books, write blogs, watch movies, experiment art, enjoy cooking, make memories and stay happy. She can be contacted at prachi.writes@gmail.com