Divya Bandodkar

Divya R. Bandodkar hails from Ponda, a town in the state of Goa. She has contributed stories in 12 anthologies so far. Minds @ Work 4 is her 13th anthology and first publication with First Step Publishing. Reading and writing are her favorite hobbies. She has recently discovered her knack in book reviewing and has been associated with two review firms. You can know more about her by visiting her blog.

Some details regarding Minds@Work 4

Minds@Work is an annual book published by First Step Publishing. This is its Fourth Edition.
Minds@Work 4 will be available in paperback format and will be physically distributed in 19 countries.
Writers from 3 countries have been shortlisted.
Social Contacts

Website: www.firststepcorp.com
E-Mail: info@firststepcorp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/First.Step.Publishing

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