Chamber With Mirrors

CWMTitle: Chamber With Mirrors

Author: Nuran Barengi

ISBN: 978-93-83306-23-7

Genre: Poetry

Year Of Publication: 2015

No Of Pages: 120

MRP: INR 180

About the Book: In my journey from prose to poetry in the Chamber with Mirrors my inquisitive approach to life as a human being in the first place and then as a woman and mother “I release my amniotic fluid to me heart To free my neck from the chord around my neck” The struggles i indulged in to see that ‘beauties’ come out with flying colours as sempiternally reflected in the image of our soul of the coexisting Good and Evil …. In the Room with a Mirror of Leonardo da Vinci, is it possible that the fact that a person standing in the middle of a room whose walls are of mirrors clad claims that he can have endless viewpoints which it inspired the title of the present book may be the outcome of an endless repetitions of projections representing the infinite? The fact that exchange of looks with you in the course of my journey along the lines of poetry I have just embarked on will ever fire my imagination is a source of intense joy for me… I thank you all so much… Nuran Barengi’s feminine approach to life is so delicate that one feels as though a butterfly has just touched one’s heart; hers is a sentimental collogue with her soul. She has the unaffectedness of Orhan Veli, while aspiring to Karin Boye’s passionate expression at the same time. She touches the limits of eternity in her poems bordering on prose at times in which she captures moments of everlastingness. With consuming interest and curiosity, I am looking forward to see where Barengis’ path will lead to in the end.

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