2 Turns, U Turn of Life, O Turn of Love

2 Turns, 'U turn of Life', 'O Turn of Love' copyTitle: 2 Turns, ‘U Turn of Life’, ‘O Turn of Love’

Author: Kaushlendra Sharma

ISBN: 978-93-83306-28-2

Genre: Fiction

Year Of Publication: Coming Soon

No Of Pages:

MRP: INR Coming Soon

About the Book:  Its a story of 2 individuals. Its when they meet, ‘You’ and ‘Me’ becomes ‘We’.
‘I’ becomes ‘You’ and ‘You’ becomes ‘Me’, ultimately ‘I’ remains ‘I’ and ‘You’ remains ‘You’.
Then there comes ‘O’ turn of Love.
Love mingles with career, and career mingles with dream.
You are doing something but expected to do something else

Then there comes ‘U’ turn of Life.

This is a story of this “2 Turns” which teaches a new lesson of Love and a new Experience of Life.