10 1/2 Stories

10 1-2 StoriesTitle: 10 1/2 Stories

Author: Saurabh Pawse

ISBN: 978-81-922670-5-0

Genre: Short Story

Year Of Publication: 2012

No Of Pages: 123

MRP: INR 150

About the Book: What happens when the blades of the ceiling fan in your bedroom become jaws of terror? You like a woman in a restaurant. Should you go and ask her or eat and leave? A housing society in Girgaon is distressed by their milkman. What do they do? You suffer from a mental illness. How do you cope with it? A car breaks down on a dark deserted highway in Eastern India. What do you think will happen to the driver? If curiosity is getting the better of you, then find out the answers to these questions and more in this book.
Each of the ten short stories in this book can do atleast one or some or all of the following: – amuse you
– shock you
– leave you begging for more And yes, there is one half story to whet your appetite further.
About the Author: Saurabh S. Pawse was born and brought up in Mumbai. He is a computer engineer by profession. He loves reading. Some of his favorite authors are Twain, Poe, Chekhov, Orwell, Dahl, Kafka and Rand. His favorite books are Fountainhead, 1984, Animal Farm and Three men in a boat, just to name a few. He literally devours short stories written by Dahl, Poe, Chekhov and Twain.Saurabh’s penchant for writing sowed the seeds of this book. He feels that writing allows him to give shape to his innermost thoughts, thoughts that are sometimes based on real events and those that are products of his imagination. This is Saurabh’s first book. He can be reached at sspawse@yahoo.com and info@firststepcorp.com
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