International Writers

We a provide a wide array of services to International Writers as well right from mentoring to publishing their content.

First Step Publishing is proud to announce its international wing of writers. We have published over 130 writers from 7 countries.  We are inviting  global writers to get associated with us. Having the strongest distribution setup, First Step Publishing is distributing its books across 34 countries under the brands like Walmart, Powells, Barnes and Nobles, Tesco etc. The entire list of the channels can be obtained from CLICK HERE.

Writers apart from India can choose from the following packages:

Publishing Packages

The details of the entire packages will be forwarded to you via mail upon approval and agreement.

Our Publishing process is as follows.

  1. Upon selection of the manuscript we shall intimate the writer about the packages
  2. Writer chooses the package which best suits them.
  3. We send an agreement to the writer which needs to be signed and sent back to us along with the full payment of the package chosen.
  4. Upon receiving the signed document and payment, we shall proceed ahead with the work.
  5. Time frame to complete the work is 1.5 – 2 months

In case of any query you can get back to us at

For details pertaining to the Submission Guidelines CLICK HERE