International Packages

First Step Publishing is proud to announce its international wing of writers. We have published over 130 writers from 7 countries.  We are inviting  global writers to get associated with us.

Writers apart from India can choose from the following packages

Distribution is the same for all the packages. 
to know more about the distribution channels.
Details of the packages will be provided via mail on request. For the same you need to drop in a mail at with the following Publishing Guidelines

1. Basic: Ideal for writers who have completely edited the manuscript and is ready with publishing.
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2. Silver: Basic Editing and one round of proofing will be done. Author will be provided 2 covers to choose from.
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3. Gold: Ideal for writers who need professional editing and social media support to market the book.
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4. Diamond: Ideal for Writers who are looking for complete set of services from scratch.
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